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Meat Tray – Prime Cuts Of Meat, Sausages And Burgers box | each


$99.95 per each


100% Australian grown & sourced Prime Quality Beef & Pork

Made Fresh Daily in our Butcher

No Rib Eye available

4 x Scotch Fillets
4 x Hamburgers
6 x bbq beef sausages
2 x Pork and Fennel Sausages


Elevate your meals with our Meat Tray, featuring prime cuts of meat, savory sausages, and juicy burgers. Arriving in a sturdy box, this selection is a carnivore's dream come true. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or frying, the flavors are sure to impress.   A "Meat Tray – Prime Cuts of Meat, Sausages, and Burgers" is a package that typically includes a variety of high-quality meat cuts, sausages, and burger patties. This type of meat tray is often curated to provide a mix of different meats, allowing for versatility in cooking and preparation. Possible Inclusions:

  • Prime Cuts of Meat: This may include premium cuts such as steaks (e.g., sirloin, ribeye, filet mignon), roasts, or other quality meat selections.
  • Sausages: Different types of sausages, such as pork, beef, or a variety of flavored sausages.
  • Burgers: Pre-formed burger patties, which could be made from various meats or include special blends and seasonings.
Handling and Storage: Meat trays are typically delivered refrigerated or frozen to maintain freshness. Proper storage guidelines should be followed, and the meats should be cooked within the recommended timeframe for optimal quality and safety. Nutrition Information: The nutrition information for a meat tray will depend on the specific cuts, types of sausages, and burgers included. Each type of meat has its own nutritional profile, including protein content, fat content, and other nutrients. For precise and accurate nutrition information, it's essential to refer to the labels or packaging of each individual meat product within the tray. This information typically includes details such as serving size, calories, protein, fat, and other relevant nutritional values. Caution:
  • Ensure proper handling, cooking, and storage of the meat to prevent foodborne illnesses.
  • Follow recommended cooking temperatures for different types of meat.
If you have a specific "Meat Tray – Prime Cuts of Meat, Sausages, and Burgers" in mind, checking the packaging or contacting the supplier directly will provide detailed information about the cuts of meat included and any additional details, such as whether the meat is organic, grass-fed, or other specific characteristics.

Meat Tray – Prime Cuts Of Meat, Sausages And Burgers box | each

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